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"Rising Star was a great opportunity to unplug and truly feel relaxed and recharge.  It was totally different than a typical meditation while you sit there by yourself and you fight the need to feel like you have to do something. With Rising Star all of that is taken away and you can just be.  Learning how to check in with yourself sometimes requires some help and Kelly does a great job of doing that! " R. S.

"Kelly is an incredible healer who shares her gift of insight and wisdom during her sessions. Her kind and compassionate ways help you to feel at ease during your healing session, so that you may relax while receiving a deep and powerful healing.  I highly recommend Kelly for her transformational healing sessions!" K.A.M.

"During Kelly’s Prema Birthing treatment I realized a core belief which was contributing to my chronic fatigue. The treatment was gentle, soothing and deep. It has been over month and I continue to reap the intellectual and physical benefits of deeper clarity and calm."  Jenna Lecce Streit, L.Ac.


"It was a great pleasure to meet you. You are an exceptional person. Thank you for sharing your soul. You're a lighthouse that shines for others when they are in darkness giving out hope and sharing your inner light that shines from within ... Keep that fire burning from within." M.A.C.

"Kelly, I can’t tell you how different, in a GREAT way, I feel following my energy healing.   I didn’t know it was possible, and I thank you for being you, and doing what you do.  You’re an incredible woman, this is an incredible healing modality, and I thank god our paths crossed. Everyone needs to know this, and YOU exist!"   JMA 

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