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                  Wellness Workshops

Healing through Mindfulness & Meditation

     Live Your Best Life - No Matter What Life Brings!


About the Workshop

Based on a best-selling book and film, these workshops utilize the most effective, proven techniques in mindfulness and meditation for deep healing and positive change.  They will bring you on an incredible journey of personal discovery and transformation, helping you work through all the challenges life brings. Loss, stress and fear impacts all our lives, changes our perspective, and brings about questions that confront the very meaning of our existence. Perhaps the most difficult and often painful emotions we all face is during the death of a loved one, but grief and anger can also be a significant element of divorce, addiction, job loss, losing a relationship, a pet dying, and more.  And yet, these workshops are so much more ...


Using a unique combination of guided meditations, self-exploratory exercises, with powerful science-backed mindfulness techniques, these workshops promote wellness and provides a safe and supportive environment to explore ourselves and gain greater insight into what is blocking our happiness and abundance. You'll be supported to identify and release the thoughts, pain and behavior that leads to suffering, grief, anger, stress and guilt.  You'll also be inspired and empowered with the right tools to achieve yours goals in all areas of your life.  No workshop is the same.


These workshops inspire profound shifts when we approach our lives with compassion, acceptance and the possibility of change, thus opening our life to greater joy and happiness.  Every workshops empowers participants to live with greater ease, no matter what life brings!  A portion of all workshop proceeds goes to charity.

Inspired by the Bestselling Book 

Inspired by Mum's List - a true story about Kate Greene's journey with cancer and the legacy she left behind for her husband and two young boys - Mum's List Legacy wellness workshops honor Kate's wish for humanity to live with greater purpose and joy. Learn to overcome the stress, anxiety, grief, addiction or pain that prevents you from realizing your list of dreams!  MLL workshops offer the latest in mindfulness and wellbeing techniques that inspire self-care and happiness, so you can achieve greater success in both your personal and professional life.    


***Pre-registration appreciated. Private group workshops available.   Kelly will also travel to your city / groups of 10 or more upon request.

By announcement or appointment only, with private classes available.

Enjoy this short video- an Overview of Mum's List Legacy Workshop - to discover what it means to empower yourself and learn how these powerful workshops can help you find greater happiness and purpose.



"... loved it!"

"... great tools and relaxing."

" ... all that i learned and embraced

is still hitting me"

Thank you girls so much for a lovely afternoon filled with inspiration, joy, healing, energy, good vibes, friendship, empowerment, and love ...all that i learned and embraced is still hitting me ... Thank you for being such a positive force on such a special important day for me... it was exactly what I needed!!!  Thank you!!!

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